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Stroopwafels - Dutch deliciousness

Updated: May 19, 2021

Stroopwafels have been a Dutch delight since a baker in Gouda

invented them by using scraps of breadcrumbs and holding them together with syrup in the early 1800’s. Over time the idea was improved by the 19th century there were more than 100 Stroopwafel bakeries in Gouda. As the fame of this treat grew bakeries all over Holland began to offer Stroopwafels. The modern version of these delicious cookies are produced using high quality ingredients on an industrial scale. Below is a picture of a stroopwafel still on the griddle. Once baked and sliced into two halves warm syrup is added to glue the cookies halves back together.

The Best way to enjoy a Stroopwafel is fresh from a street vendor in Holland or at the local outdoor market. Vendors use portable stands with propane heated griddles to make the delicate wafers and fill the cookies with warm syrup right in front of you. The smell will lure you to their stand and you won’t be disappointed when you bite into the warm cookie. But if you aren’t planning to be in the Netherlands anytime soon you can still enjoy high quality Stroopwafels at home.

Peters Gourmet Market offers several great brands of Stroopwafels including Verweij and Daelman’s. Verweij Stroopwafels are one of our top sellers that we import direct from Holland. They make a 100% Rumbooter (real butter) Stroopwafel and they also offer less expensive version made with margarine call Stroopie. Daelman’s offers a wide variety of packaging from a single cookie up to eight jumbo Stroopwafels in a box. You can also buy your Stroopwafels in a wonderful Delft decorated tin so you can keep you supply fresh. We also offer multi packs of Verweij that save you money. Double Dutch Stroopwafels from Canada offer a traditional version as well as a Gluten Free Stroopwafel. One more to try is GOUDA'S GILDE, which are extra large and 10 per package- Unbelievably lekker.

Check out our online store for all you favorite stroopwafels.

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