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Peters Gourmet Market Sweet Confectioins

It is not unusual for a child’s eye to light up when they see our candy selections. Our confection selection will please all ages. From Jelly Belly beans to church candy. Chocolate truffles to every kind of black licorice imaginable.

Sweet Confections

Sweet Confections
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Yummy Sweets

Yummy sweets, candies and gummies by the tub full. We've got all kinds of grab and go candies that are perfect for road trips, late night study sessions, a quick gift for a friend or for when the grandkids come over.  Come inside get a tub for yourself.

Licorice Galore

We call it the “wall of licorice.”

The Dutch eat more licorice per capita than in any other country. Hard or soft, sweet or salty – every taste and texture you could ever desire in licorice.
Small bags to serious 2.2 lb sized bags we can fix your licorice cravings.

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Licorice Galore
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Chocolate bars, pastilles, novelties, and coins. From milk chocolate to 90% dark chocolate, plain or with bacon or lavender.  We have chocolates from all over the world including Holland, Germany, Belgium.  We even sell chocolate from fair trade companies.


Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles by

Birnn Chocolates will melt in your mouth.  Choose your own assortment from 24 different truffles.  What a great way to treat yourself or bring to that special someone in your life.

Peters Gourmet Market Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate Truffles
Peters Gourmet Market Grab and Go Chocol

Grab And Go


Grab and go tubs of classic favorites like double dipped chocolate peanuts, triple coated malt balls, dark chocolate coffee beans. Seafoam in milk or dark chocolate. Chocolate covered fruits and pretzels in milk, dark, or white chocolate.
A chocolate twist for everyone!

Grab And Go Chocolates

Bulk Candy

The bulk candy selection at
Peters Gourmet Market is HUGE!

30 varieties of Jelly Belly in bulk bins and 21 colors of M&M’s ready for you to mix and match into your personal candy goodie bag!  We even have bulk hard candies and Salt Water Taffy.

Peters Gourmet Market Bulk Candy.jpg
Bulk Candy
Peters Gourmet Market Vintage Candy.jpg

Vintage Candies

Remember back when you were a kid and you had those favorite candies you'd grab down at the corner store?  Nostalgic candy is back at

Peters Gourmet Market.  Candies like Necco wafers, licorice laces, candy buttons, chocolate icecubes, clark bars, reeds, clove chewing gum,
just to name a few.


Peppermints, also known as "church candy" around here.

We have all kinds of domestic and imported peppermints including King Mints, Wilhelmina Mints from Holland and Canada mints from
Canada of course :)

Get you favorites in rolls, bags, boxes, tins, and even 6 1/2 pound bulk boxes.

Peters Gourmet Market Peppermints.jpg
Vintage Candies

Met zijn neus in de boter vallen

To fall with your nose in butter

To be at the right place at the right time
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