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At the core of what we do is explore the world of gourmet foods and bring those tastes and experiences to you.

At Peters Gourmet Market we have a broad range of items from all over the world.  International foods, cheeses and deli Items, jams and unique condiments, marinades and sauces, soup mixes, desserts, cookies, crackers, homemade spreads, meats, fish and locally made breads and treats.

There's so much here and we are excited to share it with you.

Gourmet Foods

Gourmet Foods

International Foods

We offer many tastes from Europe but our specialty is Dutch products. Other countries in our assortment include Germany, France, England, Scotland, and Switzerland. Indonesian spices and condiments are also well represented.

Cheese & Deli

When it comes to cheese, we have the largest selection of imported

Dutch cheese.

Cheese wheels of all sizes and types are available prepacked or cut to order. You will also find Michigan made cheeses, Usinger and Stiglmeir sausages, spreads and dips, herring to spankopita. We have a nice assortment of crackers and savories to compliment your favorite cheese or spread.

Peters Gourmet Market Cheese and Deli 3.
International Foods
Cheese and Deli

Dutch Imports

Dutch Imports are what we started with 45 years ago and these are still at the core of our business. We have Dutch foods of all kinds, licorice, candy, coffee & tea, chocolate sprinkles, and so much more. Gouda cheese, herring, Stroopwafels, almond currant bread, the list goes on and on and all offered at fair prices with regular promotions.

Dutch Imports

Dutch Indonesian

Many are unaware of the connection that the Dutch have to Indonesia but the connection in the food world is strong.  Before WWII the Dutch had colonized much of what is now Indonesia. Many foods where traded back and forth and now today those Indonesian foods are staples at the Dutch dinner table.  Stop in and ask us about this amazing selection of spices, mixes, noodles and more.  Prepare for your family some favorites like Nasi Goreng and Bami Goreng or a Satay dish.

Dutch Indonesian

Our Private Label

We offer over 100 special and unique items under our own label in salsas, condiments, and preserves. A great selection with the best pricing possible.

Look for that fancy

Peters Gourmet Market  g  logo

and you wont be let down.

Jams & Jellies

You don’t have to be Dutch to enjoy our great assortment of Brood Beleg (yummy things you put on bread).

Jams like Hero, Bonne Maman, Maintal. Chocolate sprinkles, spreads, curds. Michigan made preserves.

Need something more savory – many hot pepper relishes and jellies to choose from.
Whether you are fixing bruschetta or a bagel, we got you covered!

Our Private Label
Jams andJellie
Peters Gourmet Market Snacks and

Snacks & Dips

Make your next special occasion gathering a hit with our snack selections. Cheese sticks, quality nuts, homemade dips and spreads, smoked salmon bites, specialty crackers, Virginia peanuts, salsa and chips. 

Your snack cravings can easily be satisfied at Peters Gourmet Market.

Snacks and Dips

Spices, Sauces

& Soups

Check out our selection of spices, sauces, and soups, BBQ sauces and marinades. Frontier Soup mixes, Maggi soups, Honig soups, Knorr products. Unique and different items like Linghams Chilli sauce or Bourbon Country Gourmet Sauce.

Edora and Alden Mills spices for all kinds of dishes.

Peters Gourmet Market Spices Sauces and
Spices and Sauces and Soups
Peters Gourmet Market Cookies and Cracke

Cookies & Crackers

Stroopwafels and Windmill cookies (Speculaas) are the top sellers and we have a huge selection of both.  But you can’t overlook all the other great ones in our assortment. Lemon creams, almond thins, Walkers shortbread, Bahlsen wafer rolls, honey cakes, piroulines – an entire isle of temptation.

Now Lets talk Crackers. Our selection of gourmet crackers will be the perfect complement to what ever you plan to

top them with.

May we suggest some home made dips?

Cookies and Crackers

Fresh Frozen

Fresh Frozen is a way we keep those special foods ready at all times for you.

Our freezers our stuffed with desserts and baked goodies. Locally made pies from Cranes Pie Pantry, baked goods from Steenstras Royal Dutch Bakery.
French macaroons, banket, cheese pies, sausages, currant buns, and even

Onion Crock soups.

Peters Gourmet Market Fresh Frozen.jpg
Fresh Frozen
Peters Gourmet Market Baked Goods.jpg

Baked Goods

We have an assortment of fresh locally made baked goods from Steenstra's Bakery in Grandville, from Cream Curl in Hudsonville, and other local bakeries, Come get your favorite crème horn, a loaf of cinnamon bread, cookies, or even home made baklava.  

Our baked goods are ever changing with local delicacies we are sure you'll enjoy.

Baked Goods

Met zijn neus in de boter vallen

To fall with your nose in butter

To be at the right place at the right time
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